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Allison Fahrenbach
Board Certified Integrative Health Coach,
B.S, C.P.T, Natural Figure Pro

"Revive me, and bring me to life again, so

that I may rejoice in You." -Psalm 85:6 

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I see you. You've been trying to figure out this health thing for a really long time.

You've tried it all, the diets, the workouts, the supplements. Done everything you know to do trying to feel good or lose weight. Yet you still can't quite seem to figure it out. I would love to help. For over fifteen years I have been passionately working alongside my clients to help them uncover the root cause behind their wellness and weight loss struggles!


Meet Alli!

Serving the Lord through my passion for health

Hi- I'm Alli! I'm a natural figure pro and board certified health and nutrition coach. I help my clients reach their weightloss and physique goals using an integrative approach to health and wellness.


I combine proven methods of diet, exercise, mindset, stress management, supplements, and functional health testing to help you change your body and your health from the inside out!

My Specializations

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Weight Loss

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Gut Health

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Digestion Disorders

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Metabolic Recovery

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Healthy Habits

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Hormonal Imbalance

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