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Premium coaching blends my education as an integrative health coach with my experience as a natural pro figure athlete. The result is a streamlined approach to physique change that prioritizes health. 

Premium Membership


Owner & CEO of Revive Wellness
B.S & board certified health coach

Coached by Allison Fahrenbach

No matter what you do, does your physique progress stay stuck? Are you struggling to figure out what to eat, or how to eat to meet your needs? Do you feel stressed? Struggle to get good sleep? Is your energy low? Does your digestion always feel "off?" 

Your Premium Coaching membership means you will receive my highest level of care, expertise and guidance throughout the course of your health and physique journey. Not only will we work together to help you feel your best, but also, to look your best. 

Your membership includes-


A comprehensive assessment & review of your personal and medical health history, nutritional habits, and lifestyle


A deep dive into the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual factors that contribute to, or have limited your personal growth and progress


Preliminary labs if required (serum, saliva, functional testing)- cost not included


A personalized success plan encompassing nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and supplementation that will enable you to begin making progress towards your goals.


Ongoing review of labs and testing as needed as well as collaborative care with another physician, coach, or healthcare professional


Weekly phone checkins (or email if preferable) which will enable you and I to discuss your progress and plan your next steps


The ability to reach out to me at anytime through either email or text


Access to my private FB community, discounts on clinical grade supplements through my Fullscript dispensary, educational handouts, recipes, and more!

Premium Coaching blends functional health with personalized nutrition & exercise. The result is a comprehensive 1-1 coaching experience to help you reach your goals.

INVESTMENT: $350-400/month (depending on customized options)
Prepay 6 month save $300!



A changed life starts


I am ready to schedule my call & invest in myself!

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