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Revived Foundations

Build a body you love & a lifestyle you can sustain with personalized habit based coaching!


Owner & CEO of Revive Wellness
B.S & board certified health coach

Coached by Allison Fahrenbach

Revived Foundations is a personalized habit based program that enables you to successfully weave healthy behaviors into the fabric of your daily life.


Unlike many fad diets, this program does NOT start with a shopping list full of expensive, unfamiliar foods, a restrictive meal plan or the requirement that you track every gram of food and tediously log it into your phone.


It starts with you. By meeting you where you are, and figuring out what is keeping you there, I will outline a plan to help you move forward one maintainable, effective step at a time. 

This program lasts for 12 weeks. Each week we will focus specifically on just one habit. I honor bio individuality in all my coaching programs, and this is no different. This program is not pre designed. It’s personalized specifically to you. What habits we focus on, and the order in which we focus on them will be entirely determined by who you are and what you need in your life to thrive.

For each habit we focus on, you will be educated as to why and how the habit is relevant and meaningful for your goals.

What you will learn!

INVESTMENT: $200/month for 3 months.

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