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The last gut health investment you will ever need to make.

Revived GI


Owner & CEO of Revive Wellness
B.S & board certified health coach

Coached by Allison Fahrenbach

Imagine, for just a moment what it would feel like


  • To be able to order a meal at your favorite restaurant without fear of how you will feel afterwards

  • To go through your day without bloating, gas or abdominal pain

  • To not have to take a small arsenal of supplements just to “function” 

  • To pass bowel movements with ease

  • To live a fulfilled and abundant life that isn’t controlled by your symptoms

If this sounds like a dream. It's not. If you still have persistent GI symptoms despite cutting out gluten, swearing off dairy, taking the probiotic, seeing the gastroenterologist and doing all the gut healing “diets” then Revived GI is for you.

My signature gut health approach!

Gut health is something I am passionate about because I have spent nearly half my life dealing with GI symptoms, trying all the doctors, doing all the tests, popping all the pills and restricting all the foods only to wind up right back where I started. Sick. Unhealthy. In pain.


It’s taken me a lifetime to realize that what my gut, what my body really needed, wasn’t more restriction, but more inclusion.


Its why, in Revived GI I focus on identifying root causes of GI dysfunction instead of simply attempting to cover up symptoms. Throughout this program, I will share with you the nutrition principles, natural therapies, and lifestyle practices that helped me finally leave a life of chronic GI pain behind. You will learn how to heal your gut and alleviate symptoms by addressing the root causes, nourish your microbiome, and discover the foods that move you from “surviving” to THRIVING.


Revived GI is the result of both my professional education and my own personal experience. The result is a proven pathway to health built on three foundations:

1) What's in your gut?

Your microbiome refers to the trillions of microorganisms living in your intestinal tract. These microorganisms play a crucial role in all areas of your health. Through a detailed nutrition and health history and accompanying functional lab work, we’ll gain a thorough understanding of any current imbalances. These imbalances (not enough good bacteria, too much bad bacteria, parasites, infections, etc) can result from a variety of diet and lifestyle factors and can often explain why you may have unpleasant GI symptoms (gas, bloating, constipation, indigestion, reflux) or struggle to tolerate so many foods. Using a holistic approach, we’ll help revive your digestive fire and restore your microbiome.

2) What's on your plate?

There’s no one size fits all approach when it comes to nutrition for gut health. Nutrition is the single most powerful tool you have when it comes to achieving a healthy gut, but often - out of food fear- clients resort to undereating, skipping meals or eliminating too many foods which can WORSEN gut issues. During our time together, I will walk you through a proven framework to develop a plan that honors your unique body, preferences, lifestyle and goals, while ensuring you have all the nutrients you need to support a vibrant life. I will help empower you to step away from food fear, and step into your own definition of food freedom.

3) What's in your mind?

Mindfulness is an essential, yet often overlooked component of achieving and maintaining optimal gut health. I’ll teach you how to integrate effective lifestyle practices that reduce stress and improve digestive function to strengthen the gut-brain connection. As you master these techniques, you’ll start to notice the close link between your thoughts, stress perception, and emotions and how they impact your digestive function. Over time, you’ll become an expert at listening to and understanding the innate wisdom of your body, allowing you to rely on internal vs external cues to nourish yourself. 

Your personalized Revived GI journey

Healthy Vegetables

Expert Guidance

We start the onboarding process with a 60 minute consultation. We’ll discuss where you are and how you got there, but more importantly we will talk about where you want to be and how I can help! I’ll assess your health history, review current GI symptoms, nutrition related labs, eating patterns & your relationship with food. We’ll also take a look at other lifestyle factors including stress, sleep and movement.

Ongoing Accountability

Weekly checkins will be conducted through phone, and will serve as touchpoints for your process. These 20 minute phone calls will help hold you accountable to your gut healing journey and will allow me to make approrpriate adjustments as needed along the way.


A core component of the Revived GI program is testing. A GI MAP from Diagnostic Solutions is included with the cost of the program, as well as a diurnal cortisol test. Both of these tests will help me gain insight into the current state of your adrenal health as well as your gastrointestinal microbiome and digestive capacity.

Virtual Support Between Checkins

I’m available through direct email or text for messaging between checkin sessions. If you have questions or if symptoms suddenly get worse, I’m here to help! No one should ever heal alone, I'm here to support and encourage you.

Personalized Success Plan

Based on the results of your testing, I will put together a personalized success plan that will help guide you into improved gut health. This plan will include some or all of the following: nutritional therapy, lifestyle medicine, supplementation, exercise/movement, or additional holistic therapies.

Lifelong Learning

I promise you that when you walk away from this program you will be equipped to navigate your gut health on your own. My aim as a coach isn't to facilitate dependency, but to help you cultivate confidence in your own ability to establish and maintain a healthy gut for life. If you do wish to continue coaching, that option is available to you at a discount!

You receive:

4 months of comprehensive, premium care 1-1 coaching
GI MAP (Diagnostics Solutions) $512 value
Saliva Diurnal Cortisol + DHEA $135 value
Personalized plan of care
24/7 support

INVESTMENT: $1725. Monthly installments available


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