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What is Health Coaching?

Health coaching can best be described as a comprehensive, integrative approach to health. Certified Health Coaches are credentialed members of the healthcare industry who bridge the gap between conventional or functional medicine and traditional diet coaches or fitness trainers.  Not only do health coaches have foundational knowledge in nutrition, but we also have additional training in the science of health behavior change which is what makes hiring a health coach so powerful. 

Many of my clients desire physique change, yet reach out to me having struggled through months and years of hormonal imbalances, disordered eating or GI issues.


Many are frustrated because they feel as though they've tried everything; conventional doctors, trendy diets, prescriptions, supplements, a naturopath, a dietitian, a personal trainer, etc. However these are specialized areas of expertise.

You cannot make progress isolating the systems of the body, when our bodies were designed to work as a whole. 

Personal trainers (for example) address training but not nutrition. Dietitians address diet but not lifestyle. Doctors prescribe medication for symptoms, but will not help you identify the root cause behind your symptoms.


This is what makes health coaching, and my approach, so unique. 

Health coaches are trained to look at how all systems in the body, and how all facets of health (including mental and emotional) interact with one another in each individual person.


As a health coach I use my broad knowledge  of health and wellness to help people navigate a variety of body compositions and health concerns, while providing a place of unconditional support, accountability and encouragement.

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